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A quaint historic little village is an easy place to fall in love with; the beauty of its setting is almost overwhelming at first. Look across the brilliant clear water of Kootenay Lake at the mountains opposite. The forested slopes beckon hikers, mountain bikers and backcountry skiers, as well as paddlers and water lovers.  Our area has provided inspiration for musicians and artists and has long been considered a place to ... " find your muse"!

The most dramatic peak, snowtopped for all but a few weeks every year, is the mountain named after the Norse god Loki, a legendary trickster and a shape shifter. Mt. Loki is an absolute stunner as you watch the last rays of the setting sun settle on it's peak just after sunset from the comfort of your own private patio.

All this wildness fosters a sense of adventure, an urge to "get out there". Carve your own path or follow the route of the wagon roads and pack horse trails thur extensive hiking trail systems around the area.


Highlights on the area events calendar include; winter in the Forest, May Days & Logger Sports on the Victoria weekend and the world famous Kaslo Jazz Etc festival in August. At that time, the population of Kaslo triples and we welcome many amazing  musicians on the floating stage in the bay around the bluff from our condo.  


Dance on the beach under the August sun and in the shine of the moonrise take in some of the best music you will ever hear against the background of the Purcell Mountains on Kootenay Lake.

Enjoy a delightful 15 minute trail walk into town, just around the lake from your condo where you'll find the most unique little shops and eateries in downtown Kaslo, the little Village  that looks like you've stepped back to the turn of the Century.

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